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Who buys woodchips? We buy woodhcips! We buy wood chips from brush or whole trees.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you happen to be in the landscaping business, or if you have a truck load versus tons- we are buying wood chips from anyone and in any quantity.

Most Connecticut landscapers just give away wood chips for free but we will buy them! That’s right, we buy woodchips! This is a huge convenience for those landscapers out on the job and on the road because you can drop off your wood chips in Clinton, North Stonington, Hartford, Uncasville or Putnam. The process is simple- go to any of our five yards– no appointment necessary, we will weigh you and pay you for your wood chips. Call today today to see what we are paying for your scrap wood chips! 860-848-3366

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The File is Your Friend

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Why do you want to add the file to your tool box when scrapping?

Scrap metal can be coated or plated. The file will scrape off that first coat and let you know what’s really underneath. You may think you have ferrous metal but if you file away you may actually have brass or copper- worth more per pound.

For instance, if you do the simple magnet test with this scrap table you will find that it does not stick- indicting that it is a nonferrous metal, could be brass, copper, aluminum, etc. And most people would think after first glance and the magnet test it is cast aluminium, a metal widely used for outdoor furniture…..


However, after taking this test a bit further with the filing tool and scrapping away the top layer. You will see that it is NOT cast aluminum but brass due to the yellow/goldish hue…..


So why do you really care about having the filing tool in your tool box?

The file tool makes all the difference when knowing the value of your metal. If you assumed the table was cast aluminum you would have received in today’s market around $0.35/pound, but instead the file tool revealed that the scrap table is actually brass, worth $1.50/pound. It pays to have the right tools when scrapping your metal. Make sure you have the file the next time you bust out your tool box.

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Two Ways to Scrap your Junk Car

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Q: How do I junk my car for cash?

A: There are two ways to recycle your car for cash:


1. WE PICK UP YOUR JUNK CAR : We can schedule a pick up for your scrap vehicle- free removal.  Upon pick up of your clunker, you will get a flat rate payment of cash. To find out what we our flat rate is today call #860-848-3366. Depending on the year of the junk car you must have the proper paperwork, and by paperwork I mean either the title or the Bill of Sale. Click for more information on what paperwork you need when selling your junk car for cash. 


2. BRING YOUR JUNK CAR TO US: You can either drive in your vehicle or have it towed in to one of our five scrap yard locations in Connecticut. Your junk car is then weighed on our certified weight scales and we pay you by the weight of the vehicle. The price can change daily with the market so it is very hard to say exactly what price you will get for your scrap car. Typically we pay anywhere from $200-$500 depending on the weight of your clunker. Recycle your car and get cash today. 


Did you want to bring us your junk your car today? Great! Click for our scrap yard Connecticut locations and hours.




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As long as the scrap metal yard is open, items can always be delivered, so no you do not need an appointment. You can come whenever we are open. All scrap yards are open and accept metal Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM and all yards are open on Saturday from 8AM-12PM, some yards stay open until 1PM depending on the which scrap yard you go to. Click here for our locations and hours. 

We do pick up items, but only items that are very large, like junk cars, scrap trucks and other vehicles, backhoes, huge equipment or big amounts of structural scrap steel- to name a few. We only pick up items that require a flat bed, low boy, large roll off container or dump trailer. If you have lots of scrap metal items we can drop a roll off container or dumpster and you can fill it up, call us and we’ll come get it. But if you have single items like a scrap radiator, old boiler or other miscellaneous scrap metal items- that don’t require an entire dumpster-than it is in your best interest to load that scrap metal material up and bring it to one of our scrap metal yards yourself. If however you just want to get rid of some items and are not interested in a return, we may be able to find someone to come pick it up for you for free- just contact us. We love it when you talk scrap!

Still have questions? Call our headquarters at 860-848-3366

Looking for a long and helpful list of items we pay for? Click here. 


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Earth Day 2014

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Recycling metal is both profitable to the consumer and helpful to the environment. Thank you to our loyal customers for celebrating this simple fact with us. Happy Earth Day! 


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More Money for your Scrap Aluminum Copper Radiators

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Aluminum Copper Radiators, also known as ACR’s, are found in air conditioners, cooling systems, machinery, cars and trucks. Of course we will buy them as is like the ACR above but did you know they are worth more if you remove the ends? Take a chopsaw, bandsaw or sawzall and cut off the steel or plastic ends, by removing the steel or plastic you get about $0.20/pound more for the ACR’s. Not only will we pay you for the ACR but we’ll also give you cash for the scrap steel ends!


We want you to get the most return for your scrap metal so get ready for more money making scrap metal tips coming at you soon! 


Need the latest pricing? Call us but be sure to tell us how much material you have! 860-848-3366

Looking for the closest location? Click here. 

Do you have enough ACR’s for a dumpster? Call us! 860-848-3366





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Pick and Pull Useds Part for you Car Today!

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Automotive parts are expensive- stop paying top dollar today and start saving money by finding affordable used parts at our junk yards! Our junkyards have large inventories of used cars- all makes and models, foreign and domestic. We invite you to browse our used car inventory in search of the automotive part you need at the best price. Just bring your gloves and some tools and you are free to roam our large junk yards in search of the used parts you are looking for! It’s simple, pick the part you need and pull it! Come pick and pull today- we’d love to meet you and make you smile. 


The following connecticut junk yards offer pick and pull 



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What is the Proper Paperwork when Junking my Vehicle?

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Q: What paperwork do I need when junking my vehicle? 

A: Don’t fret- it’s a piece of cake…..

We want to pay you a great price for your beat up jalopy but first we need some very simple paperwork. Don’t stress- it’s not complicated- here’s how it works:

Junk cars from Connecticut: 

If the junk vehicle was registered in the state of Connecticut and is 1980 or newer a title is required. Can’t find the title? Don’t panic. Read below. If the junk car is older than 1980 a title is not needed and a Bill of Sale will do- Bill of Sales are available at our junk yards. 

Junk cars from Rhode Island or Massachusetts:

A vehicle that was registered in the state of Rhode Island or Massachusetts that is 10 years older from today’s date requires a current registration and proof of ownership. Anything newer requires a title. Can’t find your title? Email us or call us at 860-848-3366

 Lost title: 

So you misplaced your title- don’t freak out. We have the proper form- Duplicate Title Form- and you can complete it when you get to our yard. After the form is completed it must be notarized – very simple, this can be done at a Post Office, Bank, Town Hall-all of which are very close to our yards. By doing the paperwork at our yards it saves you a trip to the (ugh) DMV, it also saves you $25 for the form. But, if you prefer to have the form mailed to you, you can request one here, from the Connecticut DMV website- but it will cost you $25.00 once you receive the form. Trust us, the easiest way is to fill out the form is at our junk yards.

Still have questions? Email us or call us at 860-848-3366

Did you know that you probably have other things in your home that is worth money in scrap? Rather than throw out your ‘junk’ click here to get our check list of items that you should scrap for cash!


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List of Scrap Metal found in the HouseHold

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Despite this ridiculous frigid wind, spring is just around the corner- well it better be or else we’re going to do a jack-knife into the enormous scrap pile and we won’t come out until the sun does…..Once spring decides to rear her beautiful face here in Connecticut you’ll be ready for her. Why? Because we’ve been working on a cheat sheet for spring cleaning. Most people think what they have is just junk but you’d be surprised to learn what ‘junk’ can be recycled and brought to the scrap metal yard for cash. That’s right there folks- before you plop your junk curbside take a look at this cheat sheet- if it’s metal you can get paid for it. Feel free to print out. Remember, scrap metal is cash in your pocket.

We also have an even longer list of items that you can scrap for cash, just click here. 

Got a question? Email us. 

Need to find the closest location scrap metal yard near you? Enter your address here. 

Cheat Sheet for Scrap Metal found in the Household.

Cheat Sheet for Scrap Metal found in the Household.

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What to do Before you Enter a Scrap Metal Yard

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Prior to a trip to the scrap metal yard there are a few tips that might make your visit a bit more easier. Here are 3 helpful hints to get you in and out of our scrap metal yards and on your merry way. 

1. Separate your scrap metal, if you can. Segregating your different metals will save time. Lines to the weight scale can get long but if you have your metals separated prior then you are definitely one step ahead of the game.  Brass in one bucket, copper in another, aluminum on one side of the truck and your heavy steel on the other. Again, if it’s your first time to the yard and you are totally clueless, no worries mon- we’ll work with you. Just ask and we’ll let you know what’s what so the next time you are prepared.

2.  Upon entering the yard look for signs for the large scale. These signs will direct you where to go. Be sure to look for signs that say ‘ENTER SCALE HERE’ or ‘LARGE SCALE HERE’ or ‘TRUCK SCALE’. Our operators will direct you where to go once you are on the scale.   If you are still unsure of  where you are don’t be afraid to flag us down, we’re here to help.

3. Don’t leave home without your drivers license or I.D. card.  and be sure to have it out  and ready before you go to the CASH window. Metal theft is alive and rampant so State Law requires us to scan your drivers license or I.D. card, but you only have to do this once. After that you will be given a customer I.D.# and ask about our handy dandy key tags! Keep them on your keychain and you’ll never have to remember your customer I.D. number again! 

 Looking for a location near you? Enter you address here to find a scrap metal yard in your neighborhood! 

Still have questions? Don’t be afraid to drop us a line at #860-848-3366 or contact us here. 


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