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Earn Cash by Scrapping your Scrap Metal

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If are looking for a creative way to earn extra cash, then scrap metal recycling may be your bag baby! After all, you may be find that in your own home or business and not even know it. Connecticut scrap metal buyers say, people could be sitting on hundred or even thousands of dollars in scrap metal materials that could be recycled at scrap yards.

Recycling your unused or old metal is so easy and can be very profitable! If there is any part of the recycling process that is hard, it may loading and unloading your vehicle or trailer full of your scrap before taking it to one of our five scrap yards in Connecticut.

Over time you will learn the different different grades of scrap metal. What metal is worth more than the other. What is the difference between #1 copper vs. #2 copper? What is lightiron? What is #1 prepared vs. #1 unprepared?

Our Connecticut scrap metal prices fluctuate with the scrap metal market. Prices of metal depend on supply and demand and can fluctuate quite frequently or not for weeks. You can always call our Hartford Scrap Yard, Clinton Scrap Yard, Putnam Scrap Yard, North Stonington Scrap Yard or Uncasville ¬†Scrap Yard to find out today’s pricing. Always be sure to share how many pounds you either know or think you have.



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