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Propane Tanks

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Their heavy, full of gas and can be explosive….well that doesn’t sound good. Sounds more like PawPaw after Thanksgiving dinner. I’m talking about propane tanks here people. Do we accept them and the better half of this question is do we pay for them? We probably get this phone call twice a day so I thought  I would address it. In the short- yes, we do accept and pay for scrap propane tanks. BUT, there’s always a but isn’t there….we only accept them (and this is an absolute must) when their contents have been purged or evacuated and the valves have been removed- do not attempt to remove the valves unless you are a professional or expert. Here is an example:


Before you go all Jack Nicholson from The Shining on your propane tank you have to know JUST how dangerous it is. We are showing you this image so you know what is accepted at our yards- however we are certainly do not condone or recommend that you do this. It is incredibly dangerous to remove the valve, injury and even death can occur. Death or injury via propane tank is not how you want your day to go so practice safety first and always let a trained professional or an expert do this for you. It may only weigh 5 lbs but soaring through the air at 35 mph you do not want to see or be anywhere near where it lands. You cannot purge the tanks at our facilities, you cannot remove the valves at any of our facilities- this is for your safety and ours. Below is a picture of what propane tanks must look like before entering our scrap yards.


If you have any additional questions and would like to know what we are paying for propane tanks please feel free to call us at 860-848-3366. And remember to always practice safety first and use a trained professional or expert.


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